Spreading it Around: Breakdown of SCANA’s Tax Contribution

Fairfield County Treasurer Norma Branham delivers the $23,356,773.56 check to teller Sharon Hollis Tuesday for deposit into the County’s bank account at First Citizens Bank in Winnsboro.

WINNSBORO – South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) presented Fairfield County a check for  $23.4 million for 2012 property taxes Tuesday.

“We are very pleased that V.C. Summer Nuclear Station continues to be a major contributor to the local economy through property taxes that support schools, roads and critical public services for the residents of Fairfield County,” said Dan Gatlin, vice president of Nuclear Operations at V.C. Summer.

V.C. Summer Unit 1, which has been in commercial operation since 1984, currently employs about 800 SCE&G employees and contractors.

Of the $23,356,773.56 total paid by SCANA into Fairfield County tax coffers, $10,782,680.30 goes to the Fairfield County government’s various funds. The County’s general fund receives $7,752,238.59. The hospital receives $473,591.16. EMS receives $969,734.37. The Library receives $217,659.98. The Fire Board receives $468,238.94. The fire capital fund receives $111,898.67. The EMS capital fund receives $202,967.60. And the County receives $586,350.99 for its 2010 bond issue.

The Fairfield County School District takes in $12,878,218.31 from the SCANA total. Of that, $598,564.95 goes into the District’s debt fund, while $12,279,653.36 goes into the operation fund. The Town of Winnsboro receives $15,712.16 from SCANA, while the Town of Ridgeway receives $4,579.22.

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