Get Cookin’ Fairfield

There are any number of volunteer organizations and causes with which one can involve themselves to make their community a better place. Some, like volunteering with the Red Cross or becoming a volunteer fire fighter, are more noble endeavors; others, like Adopt-A-Highway or Keep Fairfield Beautiful, are more civic oriented. None, however, are quite as tasty as the Fairfield County Cookbook, a fundraising venture by the Chamber of Commerce.

Let’s face it, the Chamber operates on a shoe-string budget and they have become experts at making a little go a long way, serving as the promotional arm of every business and sunny place in the county. If the community can come together and help them raise a few extra bucks, then we should all get busy doing so.

And it’s remarkably easy.

First, they need recipes. After all, what’s a cookbook without recipes? Send your favorites (limit two per) to the Chamber (stop by and pick up a proper form – don’t just write it on the back of a bar napkin!) at PO Box 297, Winnsboro, SC 29180. Dig deep into your bag of culinary tricks and magic spells and bring out a pair of unique family heirlooms. Something your great-grandmother used to make at Thanksgiving.

The Chamber will also need help collating all those recipes in preparation for publication. Call the Chamber at 803-635-4242 and ask how you can lend a hand sorting through and categorizing all those pies, cakes, casseroles and other goodies. Roll up your sleeves and pitch in to help make this book a definitive survey of Fairfield County’s taste buds.

You can also help the Chamber pre-sell the cookbooks, or, if you are a local business owner, offer to sell copies inside your store. One could generate a lot of extra foot traffic with a few cookbooks on the counter.

Fairfield County may indeed have a number of challenges on its collective plate, but inability to whip up a good meal is not one of them. Fairfield County can cook! Now it’s time for Fairfield County to share some of those cooking secrets, and for a good cause.

Get those recipes in by June 15. And make them good. Some of us are hungry!

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