Adopt This Horse (children not included) –



Sandra, a 20+ year old chestnut mare, dozes while Camp Grammy campers Julia Mitchell, Anna Wiseman and Sophie Sweatman give her a good grooming at Minge Wiseman’s farm in Blythewood. Julia, from Birmingham Ala., and Sophie, from Bluffton, are Wiseman’s granddaughters, in town for the week to play ‘farm’ with Anna, Wiseman’s niece, at what Wiseman calls Camp Grammy. Sandra is one of two surviving horses from a horse rescue operation carried out last month in Fairfield County by Fairfield Director of Animal Control David Brown. The other surviving horse, a 3-year-old, has been adopted by a farm in Blythewood where she’s enjoying life as a pasture companion for a retired horse. Wiseman is boarding Sandra until the end of this week, but so far there are no prospects for a permanent home. She, too, is best suited as a pasture companion, but according to veterinarian Dr. Nicole Cunningham, who has been attending to Sandra’s recovery from malnutrition and other health issues, the mare would never be suitable for riding. Anyone interested in adopting or fostering Sandra and can provide a grass pasture and a safe haven, even on a temporary basis, please call 803-635-9944. Under the county’s foster care program, food and medical supplies would be provided free of charge.

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