Final Park Budget Revealed

BLYTHEWOOD – After numerous delays over the past year, Town Councilman Paul Moscati delivered to the Town Park Committee on Tuesday evening the long-awaited final accounting of how the Town’s $5.5 million park bond has been spent on Doko Meadows. The various park projects, costs and credits were projected on a screen for the committee to follow, but no copies of the presentation were available for the committee or the press. Moscati said he would email those to the committee at a later time.

Before the meeting began, Tom Utroska resigned his position as Chairman of the Park Committee until after the November Town election citing his candidacy for a Town Council seat. Utroska nominated committee member Jim McLean for Chairman, and he was elected unanimously. Four of the six board members are candidates for Council.

In Phase I of the park expenditures, Moscati reviewed both Condor Construction Co.’s and Monroe Construction Co.’s change orders, contract status and an overall budget recap.

Moscati said the largest cost override of between $300,000 and $400,000 came from bad soil and sludge that had to be dug out and replaced with good soil. He said that was balanced with a number of credits for replacing some costly construction items with less costly ones and the addition of the proceeds from the sale of the Community Center.

Some work still needs to be completed under the original contracts, such as mulching, additional landscaping, installation of fencing and completion of the punch list. That work, which Moscati said should be finished by the end of the year, is included in the cost of the original contracts.

Moscati said that, going forward, there is also a wish list for the park that is not funded. A Park Endowment Foundation has been appointed to help raise money for those additional projects to complete the park. Committee members include: Buddy Price, Ken Baldwin, David Thames, Beverly Frost and Neal McLean.

Overall Budget Recap

Original Bond Revenue $5,500,000

Proceeds from sale of Community Center   +1,500,000

Condor final contract amount for horizontal work (grading, curbing, pond, underground infrastructure, etc.) -2,941,514.04

Monroe final contract amount for vertical work (the Manor) -2,270,231

Professional Fees -525,000

Bond Service Fees -500,000

Wetlands mitigation costs for walking trail -375,000

Remaining Funds Available $388,254.96

Option A for the remaining funds available (estimates)

Restrooms (priority) $-240,000

Clock Tower Base (priority) -40,000

Sod Athletic Fields -28,117

Irrigation revisions to Athletic Field -2,550

2 Dumpster Enclosures  -26,250

3 Driveway Gates w/Columns  -48,000

Remaining Funds Available   $3,337.96

 (Moscati said he will provide Option B at a later date)

The Wish List

Playground Equipment:     CIP Project

Grass Amphitheater $19,732

Open-Air Pavilion      810,000

Amphitheater 1,500,000

Adventure Lodge 1,107,000

Skate Park 702,000

Total Funds Needed for Wish List: $4,138,732

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