Church Says ‘No’ to Village Road

BLYTHEWOOD – Several members of Blythewood’s St. Mark’s Lutheran Church attended the Planning Commission meeting Monday evening, and two of them addressed the Commission expressing concern about a road that has been proposed by Doko Village developers behind the IGA. Mike Gibson, the first speaker for the group, told the Commission that the road, as drawn on a site map that was published in The Voice on Dec. 20, would cut through the church property and the church’s cemetery. Gibson said the developers had approached the church some time ago asking for construction of a new road to be allowed across the church’s property to serve the proposed Doko Village.

“We considered that request,” said Gibson, “and we rejected it. Now we see in The Voice a map with the proposal for the development with the road on the north side of St. Mark’s. My point tonight is to let the Town of Blythewood know that the new road cannot be constructed on the church’s property.”

Dan Jorgansen, one of the church’s pastors, told the Commission that the church was blindsided by the story.

“I had spoken with the developer more than nine months ago,” he said. “I told him that the location of the road was not a good idea and that we would not support it.”

Jorgansen said that since the developer has requested water for the development (from Winnsboro), that he (the developer) appears to be prepared to go forward with it. Commission Chairman Mike Switzer told the group that, while the developer had requested water from Winnsboro for the development, the plan had not yet come before the Commission. Switzer told the group that Town Clerk Martie Weaver would notify them if and when the proposed development should be scheduled to come before the Commission.

Approval was given for the final plat as submitted for Abney Hill Estates, Phase 1. Representatives of Hurricane Construction made presentations to the Commission, saying 90 homes are planned for the 50 acres that make up Phase I. Town Planner Michael Criss told the Commission that Essex Homes is looking at building homes on Phase II of the plan, which would include 172 acres.

Final revisions to the Tree/Landscape ordinance were discussed and deferred. Criss and Interim Administrator Jim Meggs were directed to finalize it into ordinance form and bring it back to the Commission at the February meeting for final approval to forward to Council.

Meggs reported that his limited time on the job in his new position had not allowed him to prepare a report, but that he would have one prepared next month.

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