Magnet School Makes History

Magnet School principal Gale Whitfield hoists the school’s Palmetto’s Finest Award in a display of victory.

FMSMS Earns Palmetto’s Finest Award

WINNSBORO — Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science (FMSMS) has achieved something never before done in the history of Fairfield County. The school is the winner of a Palmetto’s Finest Award, the state’s top honor given to five schools that offer excellent instruction and outstanding leadership. School District Superintendent J.R. Green said it was an exciting time in Fairfield County.

“This is indicative of multiple things we have going on here in the district,” Green said. “We understanding we can do anything if we work together.”

Each school goes through an intensive application process that includes self-evaluation, peer review and on-site examinations, and is evaluated on student achievement, instructional programs, professional learning communities and school culture.

“This award has come about through hard work and dedication of the wonderful students, dedicated parents, teachers, administrators and staff,” Green said. “I am here to tell the community that this is a new day in Fairfield County.”

Principal Gale Whitfield shed a few tears at the school’s win.

“This prestigious Palmetto Finest Award validates that great leadership with exceptional teachers and dedicated parents results in students being academically successful,” Whitfield said, “and we earned the right to be a Palmetto Finest school.”

Students cheered and weighed in on the excitement of winning, too.

“Being a Palmetto’s Fines school feels awesome!” sixth-grader Dhvani Patel said. “I am very happy that we won this award for our school. The students, our teachers and our principal have worked very hard for this achievement. It is great to see our hard work paying off.”

FMSMS is the recipient of the two consecutive Palmetto Gold awards and earned an absolute report card rating of Excellent.

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