Budget Clears First Reading

BLYTHEWOOD – The preliminary budget for fiscal year 2014-15 passed first reading at Council’s regular monthly meeting on May 27, without discussion. A budget workshop is scheduled for June 17, from 8 a.m. – noon, when final numbers are expected to be hammered out prior to second and final reading at the June 30 Council meeting. A public hearing is slated for that meeting as well.

A handout with preliminary budget numbers was made available at the May 27 meeting showing a slight increase in the overall budget from $1,210,000 last year to $1,241,000 in FY 2014-5.

Under general fund expenses, the mayor’s salary and expenses for FY2014-15 total $23,876 which includes: salary, $12,000; FICA/Med, $918; retirement, $1,320; health insurance, $9,600.

Council’s combined salary and expenses for FY2014-15 are budgeted at $23,727 including: salary, $18,000 (Councilman Tom Utroska forgoes his salary and benefits from the Town); FICA/Med, $1,377; retirement, -0-; training, $1,200; and miscellaneous, $1,650.                   

Staff salaries for FY2014-15 total $442,939, down from $546,000 budgeted for last year. The Town’s legal costs for FY2014-15, at $53,000 will represent a $3,000 increase, and Planning & Development Services are set to decrease by the same amount. Total administrative expenditures for the Town are expected to decrease from $129,000 budgeted in FY2013-14 to $107,000 in FY2014-15.

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