Board OK’s Fees, Stipends

WINNSBORO – The Fairfield County School Board set student fees for the 2014-2015 school year at their Aug. 19 meeting, as well as approved stipend for athletic and academic staff. The Board also gave the final OK on a policy governing how coaches and trainers address concussions and collected more than $12,000 from timber sales.

Student Fees

On a 7-0 vote, with Board member Andrea Harrison (District 1) joining the meeting by telephone, the Board OK’d fees across the District. The Beta Club membership fee for the middle and all elementary schools was set at $20, while at the high school the fee was set at $45. Additional middle school fees are: Band, $20; Family and Consumer Science, $5; ID card replacement, $5; overdue books, 5 cents.

Additional high school fees: parking decal, $15; senior fees, $40; Science, $25; Driver’s Ed, $40; Integrated Business, $20; P.E. (T-shirt and lock), $15; Art, $5; Teacher Cadet, $40; National Honor Society, $20; Student Government Officers, $20; Student Government members, $10; Academic Challenge, $30; Instrumentalist Band, $150; Auxiliary Members Band, $200.

Career and Technology Center fees: Lab fee, $20; FBLA membership, $13; SkillsUSA membership, $20; National Technical Honors Society, $25.

According to the accompanying policy setting school fees, also passed by the Board, no student will be denied an education because of an inability to pay supplementary fees. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may apply for a waiver of fees.


At the District level, the Board approved $3,500 stipends each for a pair of Induction Coordinators, $250 for a mentor teacher and $7,000 for the Board’s Administrative Clerk. In the Student Services Department, the Board OK’d $2,500 for the Data Manager and for the Lead Social Worker and $1,500 for the Medicaid Supervisor.

Fairfield Central High School stipends: $2,000 for the yearbook, and $2,000 each for department heads in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Electives, ROTC and Business.

Fairfield Middle School: $2,290 each for department heads in ELA, Science, Math and Social Studies; $1,250 for Special Services and Related Arts; $1,275 for Yearbook Advisor and Academic Team coach; $2,500 for Keep it Real Teen Pregnancy Grant Site Coordinator; $1,000 for Keep it Real Teen Pregnancy Grant Curriculum Delivery; and $1,000 for STEM Lead Facilitator.

Fairfield Elementary: $2,500 each for Grade Level Supervisors for grades CD-2, 3-4, 5-6, and for Related Arts and Special Services; $1,250 each for the fourth- and fifth-grade team leader.

Magnet School: $2,500 each for Grade Level Chairs, grades K-3 and 4-6.

Geiger and McCrorey-Liston: $2,500 each for Grade Level Chairs, grades CD-2 and 3-6.

Career Center: $2,500 each for two Department Chairs.

Athletic stipends passed on a 5-2 vote, with Harrison and Annie McDaniel (District 4) voting against. McDaniel tried to amend District 3 Board member Henry Miller’s motion for approval of the athletic stipends so that department chairs received the same stipend as coaches, but received no second from the Board.

The Board OK’d $15,000 for the Athletic Director and $3,750 each for two assistant A.D.s.; $8,000 for the Recruiting Coordinator; $3,700 for the head Strength coach; and $1,800 for the assistant strength coach.

Football: $8,000 each for the Offensive and Defensive coordinators; $6,500 for the Special Teams Coordinator; $5,500 each for four assistant varsity coaches; $6,000 for the head JV coach; $4,500 each for four assistant JV coaches; $5,000 for the head middle school coach; $2,500 each for three assistant middle school coaches; and $2,000 each for two filming coordinators.

Tennis: $3,000 each for the head boys’ and girls’ tennis coaches. Volleyball: $3,000 for the head varsity coach; $1,500 for the assistant varsity coach; $1,500 for the head JV coach; and $2,000 for the head middle school coach. Golf: $3,000 for the head coach.

Basketball: $8,500 each for the head boys’ and head girls’ varsity coaches; $3,000 each for assistant varsity girls, assistant varsity boys, head JV girls and head JV boys coaches; $2,000 each for the B-team boys’ and girls’ coaches; $1,500 each for the middle school boys’ and girls’ coaches; and $800 each for the assistant middle school boys’ and girls’ coaches.

Wrestling: $3,000 for the head coach; $1,500 for the assistant/middle school coach. Track: $3,500 each for the head girls’ and boys’ coaches; $1,500 each for assistant boys’ and girls’ coaches. Cross Country: $3,500 for the head coach.

Softball: $3,500 for the head varsity coach; $2,000 for the assistant varsity and the head JV coaches. Baseball: $3,500 for the head varsity coach; $2,000 for the assistant varsity and the head JV coaches; $1,500 for the assistant JV coach. Soccer: $3,000 each for the head boys’ and girls’ coaches.

Academic coaches: $3,000 each for two positions. Band: $10,000 for the Band Director; $4,000 for the Assistant Band Director and the Auxiliary Band Coordinator; and $2,000 each for the Woodwind/Brass Instructor and the Percussion Instructor. Cheerleading: $5,000 for the head varsity cheerleading coach; $2,500 for the head JV coach; and $2,000 for the head middle school coach.


The Board gave final approval on a policy managing concussions among student-athletes. According to the policy, which passed 7-0, if a coach, trainer, official or physician suspects an athlete has suffered a concussion during a game or practice, that athlete must be removed from play and evaluated. The student may return to action after an on-site evaluation by the trainer, physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner determines that no concussion has occurred. In the event of a concussion, the student may return to action only after being given written medical clearance by a physician.

Timber Sale

The Board also received as information the final figures on last month’s sale of timber from land around the existing Career and Technology Center. The District received $12,611.72 for the sale. Forest Land Management, Inc. earned $790.75 in commission from the sale.

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