See You in Two Weeks . . .

Keith Lewis

Will Montgomery

Sheriff’s Race Heads to Run-Off

WINNSBORO – Voters failed to pick a clear winner in Tuesday’s primary for the special election for Fairfield County Sheriff. They did, however, narrow the field of candidates down to two.

Keith Lewis, currently the Chief Deputy for the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, and Will Montgomery, a Richland County Sheriff’s deputy, will square off again in two weeks for a run-off. Lewis earned 1,595 votes in Tuesday’s primary pick-‘em, while Montgomery hauled in 1,613.

“I’m pleased with the turnout and hopefully it will happen again,” Montgomery said Tuesday night. “I am concerned about getting people out for the run-off.”

Looking ahead, Montgomery said his strategy was to “keep on moving like I’m moving and not slow down.”

Lewis, meanwhile, was more philosophical about the results and the pending mano a mano showdown.

“I want to thank all my supporters and ask them to please come back out in two weeks and do it again,” Lewis said. “My strategy moving forward is to continue doing what I’ve been doing and leave it in the Lord’s hands.”

Lewis said he had hoped the turnout would have been more robust, but said he understands the turnout challenges of a special election. Odell Glenn, who finished a distant fifth with only 95 votes, said the low turnout was “truly a shame in such an important election.”

Ricky Gibson finished third with 925 votes. John Seibles garnered 550 votes.

“The people’s voice has been heard,” Gibson said. “I wish them both well.”

Gibson and Seibles said they were not officially endorsing either of the remaining candidates at this time. Glenn, meanwhile, said he was throwing his support behind Montgomery.

The primary run-off will be Oct. 14.

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