State Report Cards — Blythewood Schools: R2 Up, Local Schools Mixed

Lake Carolina Tops with Perfect Score

BLYTHEWOOD – The Richland 2 School District showed minor improvement overall, while local schools showed mixed results according to letter grades released this week by the S.C. Department of Education. The grading system is part of the Federal Accountability System’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), with grades ranging from A to F.

Numbers for the District as a whole crept up from 81.8 last year to 85.9 in 2014, while maintaining its letter grade of A.

Blythewood High School’s letter grade improved from a B in 2013 (80.9 total points) to an A (93.7) in 2014, meeting state objectives in all categories. Westwood High School, which did not receive a grade last year, earned a B this year with 81.5 total points. WHS was 1-tenth shy of English Language Arts objectives, 2-tenths shy in Science and 3-tenths in Math and History.

Blythewood Middle School’s total points fell from 86.1 last year to 82.7 this year, but maintained its letter grade of B.

Kelly Mill Middle, meanwhile, fell from a B (83.5 total points) last year to a C (78.9) in 2014. Muller Road Middle also dropped from a C (74.8) in 2013 to a D (68.4) this year.

Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School lost a few points, from 93.9 last year to 97.4 in 2014, while maintaining its letter grade of A.

Lake Carolina Elementary held steady with back to back years with 100 total points and a letter grade of A.

Langford Road Elementary also maintained its letter grade of A, although dropping a few points from 97.4 last year to 93.3 in 2014. Round Top Elementary improved to a letter grade of A (91.1 total points) in 2014 over last year’s B (87.1).

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