State Report Cards — Fairfield County Schools: District Improves, Schools at or Above 2013 Levels

Second Straight F for Fairfield Elementary

WINNSBORO – The Fairfield County School District improved as a whole, while individual schools edged up or held steady over last year’s grades, according to letter grades released this week by the S.C. Department of Education. The grading system is part of the Federal Accountability System’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), with grades ranging from A to F.

The District overall earned a letter grade of C, with 72.4 total points. That is up from last year’s grade of D and 63.8 points.

Fairfield Central High School also earned a C in 2014 with 78.1 points, up from last year’s grade of D and 64.4 points.

Fairfield Middle School improved from last year’s 48.5 total points and a letter grade of F to 61.3 points and a letter grade of D in 2014.

The Magnet School for Math and Science dropped a few points, from 99.2 last year to 95.2 in 2014, but held onto its letter grade of A.

Geiger Elementary improved from 65.1 points and a letter grade of D in 2013 to 79.7 points and a letter grade of C in 2014.

Kelly Miller Elementary also improved, turning last year’s grade of C (72.7 points) to a B (80.5 points) in 2014.

The McCrorey-Liston School of Technology lost a few points, from 84.8 in 2013 to 83.7 in 2014, but maintained its letter grade of B.

Fairfield Elementary, while lifting its total points from 39 last year to 50.6 in 2014, was hit with its second consecutive letter grade of F.

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