Subdivision Gets Pass

BLYTHEWOOD – The Planning Commission quickly dispensed with the only two items on its agenda Monday evening with unanimous votes to approve both matters.

The first, an issue brought by the family of the Jennie G. Martin estate, was in regard to the court-ordered subdivision of about 60 acres of land on Pine View Church Road that Martin had willed to her surviving family members. Because the subdivision of the land into four parcels had been court-ordered, the family, represented by Ridgeway attorney Robert Hartman III, assumed the subdivision would be exempt from the Town’s subdivision requirements. After looking into the matter, Hartman wanted to be sure that the Town would agree to an exemption since the division of the property did not appear to meet any of the exemptions under the Town’s code.

“So we looked at other provisions in the code,” Town Administrator Gary Parker said, “that stated a subdivision fronting on existing main roads where no utilities, drainage or other improvements are required, shall be accepted in final plat form and therefore sketch plans and preliminary plats are not required.”

This allowed the family to bypass the Town’s usual processes of subdivision approval. The Commission approved the final plat, conditionally, until the family brings a surveyed, stamped plat to the Town for approval, at which time the condition will be removed.

In other business, the Commission unanimously approved the bonded plat for the Holly Bluff’s subdivision near the intersection of Fulmer and Blythewood roads.

The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 1.

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