Offices Considered at The Manor

BLYTHEWOOD – Town Council discussed last week at its monthly workshop the possibility of converting portions of the porches at The Manor into two offices to relieve what Town Administrator Gary Parker termed inadequate office space in Town Hall. Parker said the need for more space is immediate and arises from the Human Resources/Finance Assistant and Town Clerk having to share offices with other employees.

“This is not conducive to providing privacy to staff who often must have it for concentrating on their work and occasionally for meeting with other staff members or the public,” Parker said.

Parker suggested that two new offices, proposed to be constructed on each of The Manor’s two front covered porches, would be occupied by the Town’s Event and Conference Center Director and the Parks and Recreation Director.

“Having an office on site will allow the Conference Center Director to more easily meet with and show the building to clients,” Parker explained.

Parker said the cost to construct the 11×11-foot offices would be about $35,000, and to increase the size of one of the offices (for the Conference Center Director) to 11×14-feet would bring the total cost to about $65,000. Parker said that cost could be appropriated from the fund balance or current year accommodations and hospitality tax revenues.

“Cost-wise,” Parker said, “the funds are there.”

While Councilman Tom Utroska said he disagreed that the need for more office space was immediate, saying, “It feels like government run amok,” he agreed with the other Council members and Parker, saying, “But we will one day need it.”

It is expected Council will make a decision at their next Council meeting as to whether to go ahead with the project. That meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, Sept. 28, at The Manor.


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