Planning Commission Takes Up Housing, Zoning

BLYTHEWOOD – On Monday evening the Planning Commission will discuss a site plan for The Pointe at Blythewood, a 56-unit apartment complex proposed on Main Street in the Town Center District (TCD); decide whether to recommend TCD zoning for a 4.56-acre parcel at 121 McLean Road and address proposed height limits and flat roofs on buildings in the TCD.

Affordable Housing

The Commission will consider whether to approve a site plan for the development of a 56-unit apartment complex on Main Street. The tenants will be low- and moderate-income residents, Town Administrator Gary Parker said.

“This will address the goal in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan of attracting affordable house to the community,” Parker said.

He said the core commercial area is the appropriate for multi-family housing. The developer, Prestwick Companies of Atlanta, has received financing approval from the S.C. State Housing Finance and Development Authority.

Rezoning is not required for the apartments according to the Town’s Planning Consultant Michael Criss.

Rezoning Request for TCD

After the owners of a 4.56-acre parcel on McLean Road requested the property be rezoned from Rural (RU) to Town Center District (TCD) at the September Planning Commission meeting, the property’s neighbors who were protesting the rezoning for commercial use agreed to talk with the realtor representing the property owners about purchasing it. With that, Commission deferred a recommendation on the request, suggesting the principals of the parcel meet with the neighbors and try to come to terms – either for the neighbors to purchase the property or for the applicant to bring the rezoning proposal back to the Commission at a later date. That matter will be heard Monday evening.

Building Heights; Flat Roofs

Mayor J. Michael Ross has proposed an amendment to the Town’s zoning ordinance that would repeal the requirement that new structures must be two stories and, instead, allow single-story structures in the TCD. One other proposed amendment of the zoning ordinance to be taken up by the Commission would prohibit flat roofs on single story buildings in the TCD while allowing them on multi-story buildings. Additionally, corner buildings at six specified intersections shall have a storefront treatment along each corresponding street. Town Council considered this proposed amendment at their Sept. 28 meeting and has forwarded it to the Planning Commission for a recommendation.

The Planning Commission meets at 6 p.m., Monday at The Manor.


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