Council OK’s Shell Bid

BLYTHEWOOD – A second round of bids on the Town’s proposed shell building has turned up a winner. Lyn-Rich Contracting Co., Inc. was the lowest of three bidders with a base bid of $379,850 or, with options, $388,100.

Council voted to take the five options, which included some walkways, a section of decking requested by the Board of Architectural Review, additional insulation, special fire protection equipment and a $12,000 credit resulting from switching from wood to fiberglass entrance doors.

The second round of bids eliminated a number of interior specifications that were included in the original bid package. Ralph Walden, the Town’s architectural advisor for the shell said the second bid eliminated HVAC but kept the roughed in plumbing. Also eliminated were: interior doors and ceiling tiles, connection to water and sewer and all walkways. Finished siding was substituted for primed siding and paint. Specifications were changed for deck and rail materials, windows, doors and shingles.

“We left everything finished on the exterior,” Walden told Council. “It will be a finished look from the outside.”

The Town still holds $325,916 of the original $456,881 utility grant from Fairfield Electric Co-Op.
Town Administrator Garry Parker told Council that the balance of the costs of the shell building can probably be taken from Hospitality Tax revenue.

Ed Parler, Economic Development consultant for the Town, told Council that revenue from the sale of the shell will belong to the Town government and can be used however Council sees fit.

“The contracts are in the process of being executed with the contractor and the permits have already been reviewed and issued, so the next step will be to begin construction.” Parler said. “We will have a sign going up on the property soon to let folks know that the shell is finally being built and to acknowledge Fairfield Electric for the grant that made all this possible.”

The other bids including options were submitted by M. Dillon Construction, Inc. ($413,215) and Solid Structures, LLC ($411,688). Circle H. Builders bid on the project but did not come to the bid opening.


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