Suspects at Large After Barbershop Stickup

Suspect #1

Suspect #1

Suspect #2

Suspect #2

WINNSBORO (Sept. 1, 2016) – A local barber dodged gunfire last week as he narrowly escaped a holdup outside his shop on Columbia Road. Fairfield County Sheriff’s investigators are now on the hunt for three suspects who fled the scene in a burgundy Pontiac Grand Am.

According to an incident report from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office, the 32-year-old barber was finishing up his last haircut of the day on Aug. 20 when, at approximately 10:15 p.m., three black males in their early 20s pulled into the parking lot of Fly Expressions barbershop at 159 Columbia Road. Although the victim told the suspects he was closing up after finishing with the customer in the chair, the barber agreed to give two of the suspects a haircut. The third suspect remained in the Grand Am, which has a donut spare on the front driver’s side.

The barber’s parents were also in the shop, and after the barber finished with the customer in the chair they gave the man a ride home.

The two suspects left the shop after receiving their haircuts, the report states, after which the barber began closing up shop. The barber’s parents returned to the shop just as he was closing up. According to the report, the victim’s mother told police that she had a “bad feeling” about the two strangers who had entered the shop so late in the evening. As she and her husband pulled into the parking lot, the barber was exiting the building. The barber’s parents said they spotted the two suspects waiting around the corner of the building, and as the barber was locking the front door, they drove their vehicle in closer and shouted warnings to their son.

As the barber made a run for his parents’ vehicle, the suspects, armed with handguns, opened fire. The barber made it safely to the vehicle while the suspects leapt into the Grand Am and sped off down 2nd Street. The Grand Am then turned left on Maple Street and was out of sight.

According to the report, suspect number one had mentioned that the men were from Sumter. The suspect had a wound on his chin and neck, which the suspect said was from a shooting at a nightclub. The suspect was between 6-feet and 6-feet, 3-inches tall, thin, with dreadlocks, a short beard and multiple tattoos on his arms.

Suspect number two had short hair, a mustache, long hair on his chin, a “flame” tattoo on the right side of his neck and a “teardrop” tattoo under his right eye, as well as multiple tattoos on his arms.

Suspect number three, who remained behind the wheel of the getaway car, was described only as heavy set and wearing a white tank top.


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