Holiday Hack – Napkin Folding


Master the art of Christmas tree napkin folding and you won’t need to buy special holiday napkins or napkin rings. I like to fold on the ironing board so I can press my napkin into shape. (Scroll to bottom for process photos.)

a. Choose a perfectly square green napkin (20×20 or 16×16 work particularly well).

b. Fold the napkin in fourths taking care to make sure the corners line up. Smooth out any wrinkles.

c. Turn the square 90° to make a diamond making sure the fold is at the top of the diamond.

d. Fold up each layer of the napkin to the top of the diamond leaving ½ to 1” between each fold. (Picture 1)

e. Flip the whole thing over, holding the folds in place.

f. One at a time, fold each upper outside corner over to the opposite side’s edge, so that the tops are parallel with you and you’ve formed a tidy downwards pointing trianglish shape. (Picture 2)

g. Flip the napkin over; it should be looking quite like an upside tree. (Picture 3).

h. Starting at the top, fold each flap up. Tuck the second through the fifth flap up under the one above it, hiding the pointed corner. (Picture 4).


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