Train Derails Near Blair

BLAIR (Dec. 7, 2016) – A pair of Norfolk Southern locomotive engines and 12 of its 96 rail cars derailed Sunday at approximately 3 p.m. near Blair, a Norfolk Southern spokesperson said.

The east-bound train was making for the Port of Charleston from the BMW plant in Greer when it jumped the tracks near Highway 213/Parr Road and Austin Road, not far from the Newberry County line. The 96 rail cars were each carrying 10 BMW X model cars, the spokesperson said. One hundred and twenty BMWs were damaged in the crash.

The train crew consisted of only two people – the engineer and the conductor. Both were taken to a local hospital for evaluation and released later the same day.

Work crews spent Sunday and most of Monday clearing the wreckage, which caused traffic delays along Highway 213.

“At this time, we have re-railed the two locomotives and four of the rail cars,” the spokesperson said Monday. “The other rail cars were damaged and could not be re-railed, so they have been moved to the side of the tracks. We are currently making repairs to the track, which was damaged by the derailment. It is expected that rail service will resume late this evening.”

The cause of the derailment was still under investigation at press time.


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