CTC OK’s Sidewalk Funds

WINNSBORO (Feb. 2, 2017) – The County Transportation Committee (CTC) gave their official OK last week to kick in $43,800 for new sidewalks in the town of Ridgeway. The sidewalks will run from downtown to Elbow Circle, which is second on the CTC’s 2017 list of roads to be paved.

The CTC agreed in principal during their Sept. 29 meeting to a $50,000 contribution, minus funds for sidewalk repairs near the Ridgeway Post Office. The CTC, during that same meeting, approved up to $9,000 for sidewalk repair. During the Jan. 26 meeting, Ridgeway Councilwoman Angela Harrison reported that the cost of the repairs had come in under budget, at $6,200.

Ridgeway is seeking an additional $50,000 from County Council for the new sidewalks. Bill Coleman, CTC Engineer, said the CTC’s portion of the funds would be meted out in two equal allotments – half before June and the other half after June.

The CTC’s approval was contingent upon the County also allocating their half of the funds.

The CTC also agreed to go in half with the County on a ditching machine for the digging and maintenance of roadside ditches. The estimated cost of the machine ranges between $65,000 and $70,000, Coleman said. The CTC agreed to pitch in up to $35,000, also contingent upon the County’s approval of an equal share.

2017 Road Paving Bids

While the CTC last year approved the priority list of roads to be paved this year (see below), last week they approved the contract on the work itself, going with Lineberger Construction of Lancaster for the approximately $1 million job.

It was the only bid the CTC received on the work, Coleman told the CTC.

“Why only one bid?” Commissioner Clifton Hendrix asked.

“I can’t answer that,” Coleman said, “except that contractors are busy and prices are up.”

Coleman added that the job itself was not very attractive to contractors.

“A lot of these roads are 200-300 feet, then you’ve got to go 10 miles to get to the next one that’s 300 feet,” he said. “It wasn’t a good job.”

2017 Priority List

High Hill Lane (District 4, 303 feet); Elbow Circle (District 1, 1,938 feet); Rainbow Cove Road (District 2, 386 feet), Cypress Drive (District 3, 901 feet); Bob’s Point Lane (District 4, 2,275 feet); Shoemaker Lane (District 5, 1,356 feet); Valencia Road (District 7, 1,000 feet); Deck Drive (District 1, 520 feet); Hickory Nut Lane (District 2, 312 feet); Stoney Trace (District 3, 3,030 feet); High Hill Road (District 1,604 feet); Creighton Road (District 5, 984 feet); Horse Creek Road (District 7, 2,340 feet); Pineneedle Lane (District 1, 520 feet); Skylark Lane (District 2, 338 feet); and Rosewood Lane (District 3, 3,249 feet).


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