Role model for the ages

A Role Model for the Ages

W.L. Drummond was a native of Fairfield County,

​Among the ruins of what used to be the old Jenkinsville School lies a reminder of W.L. Drummond, a role model of days gone by. Drummond was born in 1892 and died in 1953. He was the School Superintendent for the Jenkinsville Public Schools for 24 years, 1929-1953; His Loving Memorial states the following:​ A Christian Gentleman, Modest, Unassuming, Honest, Skillful, Loyal, Patient, Kind, Sympathetic, and Courageous. A constant source of strength in the community. His humor always pleasing. His judgement always sound. His influence increased with the years-earning him the respect and confidence of all his fellow men. This beautiful granite memorial stone was erected by the former students and friends as a token of their regard and affection in May 1953.This heartfelt tribute to a great individual admired and respected in this community, now sadly grows dimmer with each year that passes. It sits in the shadows of decay and rubble in the abandoned yard of the old Jenkinsville School. In a time when so many of us question the leaders in the world we live in. And a time when so few have the skills to be recognized as true leaders who have actually earned the respect of their community. It’s nice to know that amongst us walked a man we can all be proud of, a role model before our time and into our time as well. We are seeking a few more of you, to join us in this campaign to resurrect this stone of a revered role model to a more visually appropriate resting place in the county. If you are interested in this movement. Please contact me and visit this site;

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