JWC reports inconsistent

JENKINSVILLE – In February, James Green, Jenkinsville Water Company’s licensed water operator, began including in his monthly well production reports, the number of gallons of water billed to customers each month, a number he had not previously reported during the water company’s monthly board meetings. Water production in recent years, has hovered consistently around 3.5 million gallons per month, but there has been sketchy or no reporting on total gallons of leaks and gallons.

Green reported at the Feb. 6, 2017 meeting that the company had produced 3,459,070 gallons of water from local wells and purchased 1,840,000 gallons from Mid-County. Green said customers were billed for 5,041,801 gallons. He reported 265,269 gallons were leaked. At the March 6, 2017 meeting, Green reported that the JWC produced 3,210,260 gallons of water locally and purchased 817,000 gallons from Mid-County, billing customers for 5,106,022 gallons – over a million gallons more than the company produced that month.

Following the Feb. 6 meeting, Peach offered to explain the inconsistency in those numbers to The Voice.

“That might seem like we charged the customers for more water than we produced,” Peach said, “but we had more than a million gallons in storage.”

Asked why that million gallons of stored water had not been accounted for in previous water reports, Peach told The Voice that he didn’t know.

According to a sanitary survey on Jenkinsville Water Company conducted on Aug. 1, 2007 by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC), and obtained by The Voice, JWC’s total storage capacity at that time was 655,000 gallons, far below the million gallon storage capacity.

Asked on Tuesday by The Voice in a phone interview if the company had increased its storage capacity since that time, Ginyard said it had not. Asked how the company could store a million gallons of water, Ginyard said he didn’t know.

“Mr. Green would have that information. You’ll have to ask him at the next meeting,” Ginyard said, ending the interview.




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