Notice of application: Angelina Surina

Notice is hereby given that Angelina
Surina intends to apply to the South
Carolina Department of Revenue for a
license/permit that will allow the sale
and on premises consumption of beer
wine and liquor at 140 S. Palmer Street,
Ridgeway SC 29130. To object to the
issuance of this permit/license, written
protest must be postmarked no later
than May 26, 2017. For a protest to be
valid, it must be in writing and should
include the following information:
1) the name, address and telephone
number of the person filing the protest;
2) the specific reasons why the application
should be denied;
3) that the person protesting is willing to
attend a hearing (if one is requested by
the applicant);
4) that the person protesting resides in
the same county where the proposed
place of business is located or within five
miles of the business; and
5) the name of the applicant and the
address of the premises to be licensed.
Protests must be mailed to S.C. Department
of Revenue, ABL SECTION, P. O.
Box 125, Columbia, SC 29214-0907; or
faxed to: (803) 896-0110.

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