Reese’s Plants, Hoof & Paw and lots of puppies

Hoof and Paw Benevolent Society Board members Paula Spinale, left, and Kathy Faulk, right, join Reese’s Plants employees Jayne Blumberg and Shirley Randall to show off some of the adoptable puppies visiting the plant nursery from the Fairfield Animal Adoption Center on Saturday.

Reese’s Plants hosted a dog show at its gardens on Saturday…well not exactly a dog show. Performing in this show were a number of cuddly puppies (and kittens) from the Fairfield Animal Adoption Center who were looking for homes.

As customers shopped the gardens, they took the time to hold the puppies and kittens. Owner Philip Reese joined the fun by donating a $1,000 check to the animals’ cause.

Accompanying the pups and kittens were several members of the Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society. Besides showing off the pups and kits, the group were also raising funds to help animals in need in Fairfield County and Blythewood.
There were homemade baked goods on sale as well as a raffle for a pair of Yeti mug sets – one set Clemson and one Gamecock. The lucky winner was Sheila Lane of Fairfield County.

Bob Innes, Director of the Animal Shelter was also on hand to visit with those interested in adopting a pet. For more information, contact the Adoption Center at 635-9944 and plan to attend Boots & Badges event Saturday, May 20 for free rabies shots and register for a free spay/neuter. See page 7 for more info.

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