Old Spice and a tie

Is that the scent of Old Spice? If it is, then surely Father’s Day must be approaching.

Poor Daddy.  Old Spice and a tie.  How predictable! How boring! If we had to do it all over, Delaine and I would give Daddy something money could not buy, perhaps a letter of appreciation:

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for always treating Mother, Delaine, and me as the most important people in your life.  You protected us, loved us and ensured that every house in which we lived was truly a happy home.

No matter the challenges we faced growing up in the segregated South, at home, you lifted us and renewed our spirits.

You let Mother be the disciplinarian because the idea of spanking us was not in your DNA.  When we misbehaved, you’d say, “Madame, do something with your daughters.”

People say that grandparents spoil children, but in our home you were the culprit. You always interceded with Santa to ensure that we got every toy on our Christmas list.  As for pets, you even rescued a snapping turtle and brought it home to us. True, we accidentally let it escape after just a few nights, but you still delighted us by delivering it to us.

You taught us to value all life including that of animals. And when our pets eventually went to animal heaven, you provided an appropriate funeral service for them.

You taught us right from wrong without excessive restrictions.  You even devised a way to make shining our hardwood floors fun.  You, Delaine and I would put on socks, turn on the radio or watch American Bandstand and dance across the den floor.  We had so much fun.

I always wanted a special connection to you too.  In fact, I wanted to be just like you. And we did have a special connection. That’s why when I was clueless as to which college to attend, you suggested your alma mater, Clark College. You said you wanted me to have the Atlanta experience. And I did!

So, Daddy, forgive us for buying you Old Spice and a tie on Father’s Day every year. If we could do it over, we’d shower you with hugs and kisses and say, “Daddy, we love you.  Happy Father’s Day!”

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