State of South Carolina County of Fairfield In The Court of Common Pleas Case NO. 2016-CP-20-00204



CASE NO. 2016-CP-20-00204

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.



Alicia A. Woodard a/k/a Alica A. Woodard and Mamie Woodard  a/k/a Mamie Helen Sims Woodard,  Defendant(s)

BY VIRTUE of a judgment heretofore granted in the case of Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. vs. Alicia A. Woodard a/k/a Alica A. Woodard and Mamie Woodard  a/k/a Mamie Helen Sims Woodard, I, Carol Ann Tolen, as Special Referee for Fairfield County, will sell on August 7, 2017, at 11:00 am, at the Fairfield County Courthouse, 101 S. Congress Street, Winnsboro, SC 29180, to the highest bidder:

ALL that certain piece, parcel or lot of land, lying, being and situate in the County of Fairfield, State of South Carolina, located near Salems Cross Roads, being further shown and designated as containing 1.00 acre, more or less, on a plat prepared for Mamie Woodard by Donald G. Platt, RLS, dated March 9, 2001, and recorded in the Fairfield County RMC Office in Book QV at Page 213. Said plat is incorporated by reference herein for a more complete and accurate description of metes and bounds.

DERIVATION: This being the same property conveyed to Mamie Woodard by deed of Charlesetta Woodard recorded in the Fairfield County RMC Office on March 27, 2001 in Deed Book QV at Page 214.

NOTE: This conveyance is made subject to that certain thirty-foot wide access road transgressing the property described herein as shown and delineated upon the plat described hereinabove.

TMS #: 066-00-00-034-000 (lot)

Mobile Home:  1999 GILE VIN GI21093


TERMS OF SALE:  The successful bidder, other than the Plaintiff, will deposit with the Special Referee at conclusion of the bidding, five (5%) of his bid, in cash or equivalent, as evidence of good faith, the same to be applied to purchase price in case of compliance, but to be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to Plaintiff’s debt in the case of noncompliance.  Should the last and highest bidder fail or refuse to make the required deposit at the time of the bid or comply with the other terms or the bid within twenty (20) days, then the Special Referee may resell the property on the same terms and conditions on some subsequent Sales Day (at the risk of the former highest bidder).  No personal or deficiency judgment being demanded, the bidding will not remain open after the date of sale, but compliance with the bid may be made immediately.

The successful bidder will be required to pay interest on the amount of the bid from the date of sale to date of compliance with the bid at the rate of 10.24% per annum.


Carol Ann Tolen

Special Referee for Fairfield County


Theodore von Keller, Esquire

B. Lindsay Crawford, III, Esquire

Sara Hutchins

Columbia, South Carolina

Attorney for Plaintiff

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