Field crowding up in Council race










With one day left for candidates to sign up to run for two open seats on Council, the field is fast filling up. At press time on Wednesday, four candidates had made their candidacies known – incumbent Larry Griffin, Bryan Franklin, chairman of the Town’s Planning Commission and two other Commissioners, Donald Brock and Michelle Kiedrowski.

The two open seats are currently held by Tom Utroska and Larry Griffin. Terms for the seats are for four years and comes with a $500 monthly salary. Only Councilman Utroska, who is not running again, does not take the salary, saving the Town $6,000 per year.

Utroska, who has long been an advocate for the community said at the outset of his current term that he would only serve one term.

“I think I can continue to contribute and speak out on various issues as a citizen,” he told The Voice last week. Utroska has not only been an outspoken watchdog for the Town’s finances, but, prior to his election four years ago, is the only person to have every picketed town hall over an issue.


Since the Town is not districted, residents run for the seats at large. Candidates must be qualified, registered voters within the town limits of Blythewood, and have until Thursday, Sept. 7, to register. The candidate filing fee is $5. Contact Melissa Cowan, the Town Clerk, with filing questions at 754-0105.

Griffin resides on Langford Road, Franklin in Ashley Oakes, Brock in Oakhurst and Kiedrowski in Cobblestone Park.

To vote in the upcoming election, register by Oct. 7, 2017. To register, contact the County Board of Voter Registration.

The following precincts will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.: Blythewood 1, Blythewood 2, Blythewood 3, Longcreek and Ridgeway (Fairfield County) The polling place for all precincts in this election is at Blythewood Park, 126 Boney Road.

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