From the Pulpit: Pure Callousness

Jamel Dunn, age 32, drowned on July 9 in a large pond in Cocoa, Florida. Sadly, his decomposed body was not found until July 14. There is a possibility that all of this could have been prevented if it were not for the callousness of a group of teenagers. While struggling to save his own life, Dunn cried out for help but the teenagers who were present ignored his pleas. Instead of helping him personally or at least calling 9-1-1, they chose to film Dunn while he was drowning and mocking him as he did. Then sometime later, they chose to post the video to social media.

I am indeed sickened by the cruelty and cold-heartedness of these teenagers. Local authorities did eventually find out about the video but were unable to press charges against the teens because no laws had been violated.

This event reminds me of the importance of fulfilling the Jesus’ command to preach the saving message of the gospel to the whole world. Jesus Himself said in Mark (16:15,16), “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved. He who believes not will be condemned.” Why, you ask, does this event remind me of the importance of preaching the gospel? I say this because if these teens had been reached with the gospel of Christ before this incident took place, then maybe, just maybe things would have turned out differently. If they had already heard the gospel message then maybe they would have responded to Dunn’s plea for help with compassion and a conscience rather than with pure callousness like they did.

I am fully persuaded the gospel of Christ, when proclaimed, makes this world a better place. It has the power to turn sinners into saints and those who are calloused into those who have a conscience. Christians, let’s fulfill Jesus’ command to preach the gospel to every creature so that incidents like these happen less frequently.

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