Letter to the Editor: Bernie’s Choice

Infamous financier Bernie Madoff choose the wrong profession.

As you know, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years for his elaborate schemes of deception, faux promises, fraud and grossly negligent management of billions of dollars of other people’s money. As a fraudulent financier, Madoff was held accountable for his despicable actions which caused irreparable harm to so many.

Who knows what would of have happened if Madoff, instead, had plied his conniving skills as an executive with a utility company involved in the Fairfield nuke plant disaster?

Apparently, he could have bilked billions from South Carolina utility customers without personal consequences. Apparently, he could have lied and made a boatload of undeliverable promises to our public officials without fear of repercussions. Apparently, he would still have a cushy and highly compensated job while continuing to live in luxury rather than an 8 x 10.

If our state does not ensure that the scoundrel nuke project utility executives face appropriate consequences, then the Madoffs of the world will feast on us like ants moving to a fresh picnic.

The state of South Carolina must send a clear and meaningful message that it will protect its citizens from all con men in the future by taking legal action against those responsible for the failed nuclear plants.

The state must not perpetuate Bernie’s dream of, “If only I had moved to South Carolina and joined a utility company.”


Randy Bright


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