Letter to Editor: Parking isn’t a problem

In regard to the Ridgeway Town Council passing a no overnight parking ordinance in the cotton yard, I asked one question: why? I have lived in the heart of Ridgeway for two years and from my front porch I can see the cotton yard in it’s entirely. I sit on my porch every day, walk past the cotton yard twice a night on my evening walks and have never witnessed any activity, day or night, causing the community any issues. I have yet to ever see a “tractor trailer,” as referred to in city council session, parked overnight in the cotton yard, except, of course, during Pig on the Ridge.

The cotton yard should serve the community in a positive way and not be micromanaged by a few who may have personal issues with specific offenders. I, myself, parked all of my vehicles in the cotton yard during hurricane Irma to protect them from damage from falling limbs or trees at my home.

In regard to overnight parking on Palmer Street, it appears that the safety of our community takes a back seat to personal agendas. Some on city council seems to not be concerned that we have a wonderful restaurant in town that is open late and serves alcohol. Why would we want anyone who may have had a little too much to drink be forced to drive on our streets for fear of a tow or a ticket instead of finding a safer alternative way to getting home, leaving their car parked and coming back the next day to pick it up?

Parking is in no way an issue in our community. If the cotton yard can facilitate the community by leaving your vehicle there, it should be allowed as this property is being purchased with the community’s tax dollars.
Dan Martin


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