From the Pulpit: I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me

The psalmist David wrote the words found in the title of this article in Psalm (16:8). In stating he had set the Lord always before him, he was not making the claim he was sinless. He was merely stating that throughout his entire life, even in his times of weakness, he had the desire and intention to have the Lord leading and guiding his life.

This was indeed a powerful statement for David to make, a statement I could not make myself. I have in fact at times set the Lord before me in my life, but I cannot say I have “always” set the Lord before me. Sadly, there have been times in my attempt to walk down the narrow road leading to life that I have walked ahead of the Lord rather than placing or setting Him before me. In those times, I thought I knew what was best for my life and for His kingdom and as a result, I ended up stumbling all over myself and becoming thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed.

Hopefully now the Lord sees my life as being more consistent in this area, and I also pray for others that they too are setting the Lord always before them. For those who live in such a way, there are a multitude of blessings for them. In Psalm (16:8-11) we are told by David that those who choose to set the Lord always before them will not be moved (vs.8), will have a heart that is glad (vs. 9), will rejoice (vs. 9), will be secure in hope (vs. 9), will be shown the path of life (vs. 11), and will have pleasures forevermore (vs. 11).

Are you setting the Lord always before you? Do you continuously desire that He lead and guide your life? There are indeed tremendous blessings for those who decide to do so. May God give us the courage and strength to set Him always before us.

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