From the Pulpit: Do Not Forget

I am amazed at how many verses of Scripture there are we have undoubtedly read but have failed to slow down long enough to dwell on the profundity of their meaning. One such verse of Scripture is Hebrews (13:6). This verse reads, “But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

Is this not a powerful message for all of us to remember to practice? And yet, how often do we forget we are to be about the task of doing good and sharing? Surely if we are honest with ourselves we would all admit we are all guilty of allowing ourselves to get preoccupied from time to time with the busyness of life and forget to do these two simple things we have been commanded to do.

In thinking about this, is there really anything more beneficial than doing good and sharing? The positive impact for the cause of God is limitless when we seek to keep this command. When we do good and share we not only help others, but we also give ourselves the opportunity to become stronger Christians.

And what makes this all the more important is knowing God is well pleased with us when we take the time to remember to do good and to share. Think about that for just a moment. Don’t we want to be well pleasing to God? Surely we do! And we can do just that by remembering to do what is commanded of us in Hebrews (13:6).

Because this is so, I challenge all of us not to forget! Let us not forget to do what God has commanded! Let us not forget to do good and to share.

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