Woman charged with strangling cat

WINNSBORO – A Winnsboro woman was charged last week with ‘ill treatment of animals, torture’ for strangling a cat to death.


Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Kerri Anne Dexter, 39, on Nov. 25, after they were called by the woman’s relatives who told them that Dexter had been growing marijuana at her home on Rion Road and had strangled a cat to death, according to the incident report.

Deputies said the relatives told them Dexter had buried the dead cat in the yard somewhere.

The report stated that the relatives expressed concern for the children who lived at the residence because they said Dexter projected her anger on the animal to the point of killing it.

One of the relatives told deputies that Dexter told him that she got angry with the cat for urinating on a bed and strangled it to the point that it died, the report stated.

Dexter also reportedly told deputies that she grew marijuana that she used to self-medicate due to stress, but that her relatives had pulled the plants up and thrown them away.

Deputies seized containers of marijuana seeds and paraphernalia.

Fairfield Animal Control was called and came to the home, dug up and photographed the dead cat.

Dexter was released on a $5,000 bond.

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