Burgular pre-sells heist items

WINNSBORO – When Christopher Steven Ransom, 32, returned to his Fairfield Hill Road home in Winnsboro on Dec. 1, 2017 after having been incarcerated at the Fairfield Detention Center (FCDC) since Aug. 17, he reported to Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies that the front door of his home had been kicked in and his home and autos burglarized and ransacked.


Ransom identified the burglary suspect as Justin Wayne Hinson who had occupied the cell next to his at FCDC until Hinson was released sometime in early November. Ransom allegedly asked Hinson, upon his release, to drive by and check on his (Ransom’s) house since no one was living there.

It was reported that Ransom told officers that his and Hinson’s families were acquaintances. The incident report states that Hinson’s parents gave Ransom a ride home following his release from the FCDC on Dec. 1. That’s when Ransom discovered the burglary.

A female friend of Ransom’s showed sheriff’s deputies Facebook messages from the suspect with photos of items the suspect had allegedly attempted to pre-sell online while the items were still in the victim’s home. Those items included a washer and dryer, two grills, a DeWalt saw, Monte Carlo poker machine, two sets of tires and a refrigerator.

Officers reported that the inside of the home was in complete disarray and contained such items as drug paraphernalia, cigarette butts, empty liquor bottles, a pair of women’s heels, leopard print lingerie and other clothing that the victim said did not belong to him.

“It appeared that the offender was aware that the victim was incarcerated and had been residing in the home for some time,” the report stated.

Hinson was arrested on Dec. 27, 2017 and charged with burglary, larceny and grand larceny. He was denied bail and remains in the FCDC.

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