Winnsboro Town Council plans Fortune Springs pool repairs

WINNSBORO – Town Council voted Tuesday evening to move forward with discussions with the County about a collaborative effort to remodel/repair the Fortune Springs swimming pool so it will be ready for summer swimmers.

Fortune Springs Park

Town Manager Don Wood announced that the Town had received a bid from Genco Pools & Spa to remodel/repair the pool as it is for $180,000.

“If we downsize it,” Woods said, “the cost would be $120,000.”

“We’re reaching a point where we need to make a decision on this so the pool can open,” Mayor Roger Gaddy told Council members. “We’ve had conversation with the County about them taking over the pool and putting it under their recreation. They manage the vast majority of ball fields and recreation in the county.”

Gaddy said the Town has had conversation with Russell Price, the County’s new recreation director, and that Price is in the process of preparing a presentation to County Council.

“We’d like to find out if the County is interested in this,” Gaddy said. “And we’d like to expedite the decision. The Town can’t afford to keep the pool the same size as it is, but the County has indicated that it would like to keep it the size it is. So we need to get a decision on this. We don’t want to decide to downsize the pool and then find out that the County wants to keep the pool the size it is,” Gaddy said.

“Time is growing nigh for rehabbing that pool and getting it ready for the summer,” Gaddy said.

At the Finance Committee’s request, Council voted unanimously to move forward with talks with the County.

Wood also updated Council on the waterline.

“You may have noticed we’ve had numerous truckloads of pipe coming in. I hope this is all of it,” he joked. “We just got an invoice for $2.1 million for pipe.”

Council voted to go into an executive session to discuss legal/contractual matters concerning Mt. Zion.

Following executive session, there was no discussion and no vote.

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