Are you Good to Go?

BLYTHEWOOD – All too frequently, just when life is getting good, it’s over.

A program at the Blythewood library, titled, “Are you Good to Go?” can help ease that final send-off for the person who is dying as well as for family and friends.

The program consists of three sessions and is designed to help reduce the surprises and discomfort associated with death.

While there is certainly always a traumatic component to death, it can frequently be made less so for everyone concerned if the person who is dying has made some basic preparations for the end that will come to all of us at one time or another.

The first session, ‘Your End of Life Healthcare,’ scheduled on Sept. 13, and will be conducted by Doug Rice of Compassion and Choices SC.

“This first session will give folks information about the importance of directives for the end of life,” Emily Stoll, Media Specialist of the Richland Library system, said.

Larry Cope, a notary, will discuss wills, trusts, health powers of attorney and end of life options that are legally available.

“He will be helping those in the class learn a step-by-step process to be clear what they want done when they pass on, so the people who love and care for them will know what they want,” Stoll said. “The speaker will give an overview as well as helpful tips and he will offer his notary services for those who need something signed right there in class.”

The second session, set for Monday, Sept 17, is titled, ‘The Write Stuff.’

This session will be conducted by Kelly Horne, a former writer with The State newspaper with considerable experience writing obituaries. The class will offer information beyond obituaries, however. It will also suggest ways to leave memories with family and relatives such as through a written memoir or personal history.

The final session, ‘Will Making 101,’ will be held on Thursday, Sept. 27. And it will do just that, help those attending the class learn what they need to know about preparing a will.

“This is a very helpful series,” Stoll said. “The information that will be shared is something everyone needs to know.

All classes will start at 6 p.m. While the classes are free, participants must call the Blythewood library (803-691-9806) to register. It is not required to have a library card to attend the classes.

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