Big Grab brings big bucks to town

Candice Bray, Christina Kyzer and Lisa Bray show off their finds – two stuffed squirrels from Blythewood Consignment and an orange artificial Christmas tree. | Photos: Barbara Ball


BLYTHEWOOD – “It was a great weekend for us, one of the best Big Grab yard sales ever,” Liz Humphries, owner of Blythewood Consignment said about the annual 50-mile curb crawl.

After a seemingly slow start Friday morning, the Big Grab blossomed later in the day with both shoppers and vendors descending on the town. And Saturday didn’t disappoint. While the giant yard sale officially ended at 3 p.m. on Saturday, some stores in town were still doing a brisk business at 7 p.m.

Candice Bray, Christina Kyzer and Lisa Bray show off their finds – two stuffed squirrels from Blythewood Consignment and an orange artificial Christmas tree.

“We had lots of locals shopping and vending as well as dealers from Texas, Georgia, New York, California and other states,” Humphries said. “We couldn’t have had a better day. Plus we had about 10 vendors in our parking lot who did very well.”

One of those vendors sold more than 800 tacos from his stand, and Harold Boney’s lot across the street was packed with vendors.

While the traffic was heavy, sheriff’s deputies kept it and the pedestrians moving. The sidewalks along Main Street were filled with a brisk stream of pedestrians carrying small cupboards, paintings, artificial plants, chairs and more.

Two women from Pennsylvania showed up driving a U-Haul truck that they had filled by the end of the day on Saturday.

Bits and Pieces Consignment store owner Kristen Benini said both Friday and Saturday were good sale days for her store.

“It was three times what we saw last year when many of the vendors were set up in the park. Plus our parking lot was full of vendors which helped our store sales,” Benini said. “And I can’t say enough good things about the officer directing traffic in front of our store on Saturday. He

Marie Burkins, left, and her sister Victoria, right, thumbed through books while Cherry Jackson checked out the jewelry.

was fun, talking with the people who were driving and walking and added to the great atmosphere we had in town this year.”

In Winnsboro, the Director of the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce Terry Vickers said it was the best Big Grab yet.

“We had lots more vendors and shoppers than in past years. The bypass from the hospital all the way to the intersection of Highway 34 had vendors and there were a number of vendors downtown and outlying areas,” Vickers said. “Some of our churches did well and, of course, the biggest success story came, again, from First United Methodist Church which brought in thousands of dollars. And First Baptist on Highway 34 did very well too. It was just a lot of fun and a lot of our residents made some money.”

“We were crazy busy here in Ridgeway but everyone, shoppers and vendors, were kind and sweet through it all,” Carol Allen, owner of Laura’s Tea Room, said. “We came close to being overwhelmed by the crowd in our café, but everyone was patient with us. I think everyone had a good time buying and bargaining. Our Cotton Yard was full and I know my store and restaurant were full. It was a great day.”

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