Delinquent Tax Notices run 11/21

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County’s 2018 delinquent tax notices will make their first appearance inside next week’s issue of The Voice. If you forgot to pay your property taxes, or if you’re hoping to get a good deal because someone else forgot, you can find the listing of properties in next week’s paper.

Property owners with outstanding bills will have this chance to make good with the Tax Man. But on Dec. 10, the auctioneer takes over.

That’s when prospective buyers will have the opportunity to bid at the County Courthouse on properties whose owners did not pay their outstanding taxes. Winning bidders will see their money go into an escrow account where it will earn interest for one year. Delinquent property owners will have that year to come up with those back taxes. If they do, the winning bidder keeps the interest. If not, the winning bidder becomes the new property owner.

Notices will appear three successive weeks – in the Nov. 21, 29 and Dec. 6 issues of The Voice.

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