Teachers Honored

WINNSBORO – Above, are the Fairfield County School District teachers who are participating in the first year of the District’s two-year program that provides support for teachers interested in pursuing national certification with minimal financial investment. The two year program helps them to achieve their goal of applying for and being awarded national certification, according to presenter Patti Scofield. From left: Jalisa Wright, Michael Lindsay, Emily Johnson, Craig Jones and Robin Gaither.

Below, School Board Chair William Frick stands with those Fairfield School District teachers who currently hold national certification Back row, from left: Yolanda Singletary, Lori Yarborough, Patti Scofield, Deborah Cooper, Vera Harrison, Teresa Canzater and Tara Blocker. Front row, from left: Jean Masdonati, Marsha Huff and Sheila Beaver. Scofield said this is the first time the District’s nationally certified teachers have been publicly recognized and she thanked the board for the opportunity for allowing that recognition.

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