CAB plans expansion

BLYTHEWOOD – Christian Assistance Bridge filed paperwork with the Town Hall on April 23 requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) to expand its facilities to accommodate a food pantry.

On Monday evening, the Board, along with the Town Administrator Brian Cook and two town employees convened at the Manor to hear the request.

But the applicant did not attend, so the Board was unable to get answers to questions and therefore could not make any approvals, according to BAR Vice Chairman Jim McLean.

The Board did, however, review notes made by the town’s architect, Ralph Walden who noted the following suggestions for items on the project that would need tweaking in order for it to meet the COA requirements for approval.

  • Be sure handicap ramp meets all codes
  • Be sure new shingles match existing shingles
  • Be sure the frieze is the same size all around the building
  • Be sure the new brick is the same as the existing brick

McLean consulted Board member Alisha Coleman, also an architect, who agreed with Walden’s assessment. She also pointed out the need for adjustments to the proposed retention pool.

The proposed expansion, which is to the rear of the existing building, is eligible for BAR consideration based on its location in the Town Center portion of the Architectural Overlay District, Cook wrote in a memo to the Planning Commissioners.

Under the Town’s code, any new construction in the Town Center District must meet the approval of the BAR if it constitutes a major visual impact.

Cook also reported that the food pantry must reflect the style and material of the principal structure.  The pantry will be constructed of a red semi-smooth brick. The existing building, located at 126 Blythewood Road, is built with similar brick.

McLean and Cook said the applicant’s representative would also need to bring samples of shingles, brick and other materials to the July meeting.

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