Council prioritizes park projects

BLYTHEWOOD – After meeting recently with the Doko Meadows Park Foundation, Town Administrator Brian Cook suggested Monday evening that council might want to discuss priorities for additional park features.

Constructing an area in the park for a farmer’s market, Cook said, would most likely be the top priority and a close second might be sound baffling for the back of the amphitheater. Council generally agreed on both points, but the sound baffling received more discussion than the market.

“Wasn’t the number for sound baffling something like $7,500?” Mayor J. Michael Ross asked Steve Hasterok, Events Director for the Manor.

Councilman Eddie, who is a member of the Park Foundation, answered the question.

“I don’t know about the price,” Baughman said, but he questioned the need for sound baffling at all. “Other than being outside, down by the lake, I was in here (the Manor) Saturday night and there was no issue in here with the music that was going on in the park. I couldn’t hear it.”

Baughman also suggested that instead of the baffling being something that the park foundation pays for, perhaps the town would take on that cost.

“After all, the town would benefit from the baffling because we would be able to rent both venues out at the same time – the amphitheater and the Manor – if we had the baffling,” Baughman said.

“Actually, I would think that the greater problem we would have with two events at the same time would be parking more than the sound,” Ross said. “And are you saying that we put up the baffling and if the band was playing in the amphitheater, that you would not be able to hear it from outside the Manor?” Ross asked.

No one on council was sure of the answer.

“Maybe we’ll try to come up with a dollar figure for the baffling and see if we think that it’s worth the cost,” Cook said.

“Whoever provides a bid, let us go and see exactly what they’ve done in the past and is it working.” Councilman Brian Franklin said. “If it doesn’t block enough of the sound, then that’s a lot of money to spend for nothing. You’re going to have a very angry bride when she hears that banjo playing.”

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