BAR OK’s COA for picnic shelter

BLYTHEWOOD – Trinity United Methodist Church has received approval from the town’s Board of Architectural Review to build a picnic shelter on the church’s campus. The Board voted unanimously to award a Certificate of Occupancy (COA)

“The 30-foot by 60-foot shelter will be constructed just south of the Church’s Youth Building which is located across McNulty Road from the Blythewood Library,” Town Administrator Brian Cook explained to the Board.

Cook said the project is designed with a burnished slate metal roof to blend with the compatibly designed Youth building nearby.

Architect Ralph Walden, who designed the shelter, said it meets all the Town’s building requirements.

“It’s a clean, simple, utilitarian building,” Walden said. He explained that the lighting would be up in the ceiling of the structure to shine down, not out.

Walden also stated that no trees would be removed for the construction to begin work.

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