Letters: Opposes wastewater site

I attended and spoke at the Jan. 13 regular Fairfield County Council meeting and left there in total shame asking why do some of these council members not listen to the public, to their neighbors or their constituents?  In my personal opinion, the meeting was a farce, and a disgrace to the public. It was obvious before the meeting even started how some of the council members had already decided on approving both Ordinance 738 and Resolution 2020-01. I do not think they cared about the 1000 plus signatures on a petition against the location of the wastewater treatment plant, and apparently they did not listen to or care about the 8 people who spoke, all who live near the affected area.  Once council member said he lives near the Winnsboro Sewage Treatment plant and has not had any problems. 

My first knowledge of any of this came about Dec. 15 when a neighbor asked me if I had seen am online article by The Voice regarding this new industrial wastewater treatment plant.  I had not, and neither had some of my neighbors, so the word started spreading. But due to the holidays, the effort did not get coordinated until early January, 2020.  Note that as of this point there has not been a public hearing on spending 35 million, or more, dollars to pipe and treat Industrial Wastewater from the new site to Syrup Mill Road. 

We, local residents and others, went into the meeting to object to an industrial wastewater treatment plant in a residential area on a number of grounds.  After the public speakers, Thomas and Hutton Engineering, we learned it was not just an Industrial wastewater treatment plant, but would also serve residential wastewater treatment.   My unanswered questions are: why does it have to be on Syrup Mill Road in a residential area?   Fairfield County has three Industrial sites, why can it not be located on or adjacent to one of these sites? 

Donald Quick


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