The season that never happened

Blythewood Council Honors Teams and Senior Athletes

Life has changed. It’s different.

The impact of the novel coronavirus has been felt across the world, the nation, the state and right here in Blythewood. And while our normal routines have dwindled into the distance, we are confident that our lives will return to what they were. Social distancing will end, and we will pick up where we left off. But for the athletes of Blythewood and Westwood high schools, for the seniors who ended their 2019 seasons with the assurance they would have one last chance to avenge those final losses, there will be no spring 2020 sports season.

Maybe they were in class taking a test or taking reps in the batting cages when the news broke that the season they’d spent months preparing for would be postponed. That was the hope – that their seasons would be delayed, then picked back up in April or May – but an announcement by Superintendent Spearman and Governor McMaster on Wednesday ended that prospect.

It’s now painfully obvious there will be no more chances this year to pass the baton, score goals or pitch no-hitters. There will be no crowds to excite, no tournaments to win and no quests for coveted state titles.

Our hearts ache for the seniors. They spent their preseasons running sprints and pushing themselves through squats and agility ladders, training for and dreaming of what could have been their best season yet, their senior year – the grand finale of their high school sports careers.

It was not to be.

To honor these athletes and recognize them for who they are and what they contributed, the Town of Blythewood has asked The Voice to feature Blythewood’s and Westwood’s spring 2020 sports teams, highlighting the seniors, each week through May.  This week, we feature the two schools’ baseball teams. Watch for the other teams and seniors in the coming weeks.

It’s recognition they deserve. After all, we know what might have been.

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