Letters: Enough of Joyce

On June 9, 2020 we have the opportunity to stop a pandemic. I am not referring to COVID-19, I am referencing the Richland County Council.  We must vote to oust our current council member Joyce Dickerson.  We require new leadership for our district.  The current Council is responsible for misspending millions of our tax dollars which is known to us as the penny tax for road improvements. Currently the Council faces a charge of improperly spending and having to repay over 40 million dollars by the state of SC Revenue Department.  Our Recreation Commission is terrible.  The Election Commission is laughable unless you were one of the people who stood in line during the last major election.  Long lines, the missing absentee ballots, the replacement of the Director and then to re-employ her in a different role.  The firing of the Council’s Director ultimately cost the tax payers 1 million dollars in a settlement.   Do you remember Crickentree and Ms. Dickerson’s position on that issue?  Not voting on proposals brought before the Council while in attendance is against council policy.  The Northeast part of Richland County is in need of additional recreational facilities as well as increased fire and safety coverage.  Neither will be addressed by having Joyce Dickerson as our Council Representative.  A vote for Derrek Pugh will result in a new and better Richland County.

John T. Moore

Blythewood, SC

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