Rep. Garvin contracts COVID-19

BLYTHEWOOD – Since the first cases of COVID-19 were announced in South Carolina, Blythewood’s House Representative Kambrell Garvin said he considered himself having done everything “right” to avoid contracting the virus.


“My efforts included maintaining social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, wearing a face mask in public and I even had the luxury of working from home,” Garvin said. “I knew from the onset that this public health crisis deserved to be taken seriously and that it was important as an elected official, that I led by example.”

After falling ill on the evening of Tuesday, May 26, based upon his symptoms, Garvin said he immediately self-quarantined and got tested for the novel coronavirus the following day. He learned on Friday that his results were COVID-19 positive.

“How I contracted this contagion will probably forever be a mystery; however, one thing is abundantly clear: if I can get it, so can you,” he wrote in an email to The Voice.

“I share this diagnosis publicly to serve as a warning to others and to urge caution as you travel within our community and state. By reintegrating into our regular, non-essential activities, far too many have a false sense of security and normalcy and have since thrown caution to the wind,” Garvin said.

“To my constituents, Richland County continues to be a hotbed for this virus and as a result of our economy “reopening” and social distancing practices becoming lax, the probability of contraction will greatly increase,” he warned.

Given his age, good health and access to quality health care, Garvin said he’s confident that he will overcome his mild symptoms. However, he said he worries about those individuals who aren’t as fortunate.

“As a member of the General Assembly, I will continue to advocate for causes that improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians. Ones’ COVID-19 survival should never be based on their zip code or access to health care,” Garvin said. “As my positive test result evidences, COVID-19 remains a highly contagious, infectious and unfortunately for some, a deadly disease,” he said, urging his constituents to remain vigilant and follow all recommended safety practices.

Garvin urged Blythewoodians to get tested this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when free testing is available at Westwood High School. For more information, click here.

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