Fairfield County to auction 66 properties

WINNSBORO – Sixty-six properties owned by Fairfield County will be auctioned online to the public from Sept. 11 through Sept. 24.

The properties were acquired by the county through tax sales over the years, according to Terry Howe of Terry Howe Associates, Inc., who will be conducting the auction.

Howe said the list includes vacant land, waterfront property and land with homes or other structures.

“When a property goes to a tax sale, the county’s Forfeited Land Commission has the opening bid. These particular properties, for whatever reason, didn’t get another bid,” Howe said. “In order to put these properties back on the tax rolls, they need to get back into tax payers’ possession. To that end, the county is selling them through the online auction.”

Howe said the county wants to get the information out as soon as possible to as many people as possible.

Bidding will start at $100 for each property and will be sold to the highest bidder.

General information on the properties to be auctioned and instructions on how to bid can be obtained on the Fairfield County website, www.fairfieldsc.com. Go to the Departments tab and select Forfeited Land Commission. The website will include a list of the properties as well as photos and addresses, tax map numbers and GIS and tax assessor information.

For more information, call Terry Howe & Associates at 864-268-4399.

Forfeite Land Commission Property List

014-00-00-014-000       Off Ashford Ferry Road, Carlisle

020-00-00-045-000       Bull Run Road, Winnsboro

026-02-05-014-000       Peay Ridge Road, Great Falls

026-03-04-044-000       183 Quarry Road, Great Falls

026-04-01-005-000       Off Peay Ridge Road, Great Falls

026-04-01-006-000       Off Peay Ridge Road, Great Falls

026-04-01-034-000       Off Wrangler Drive, Great Falls

027-03-01-011-000       336 General Sumter Drive, Great Falls

027-03-01-023-000       General Sumter Drive, Great Falls

027-03-01-029-000       Off General Sumter Drive, Great Falls

043-00-00-028-000       Lot C Catawba Road, Great Falls

045-00-00-027-000       99 Road, Blair

045-00-00-033-000       6328 99 Road, Blair

046-00-00-040-000       Lot 5 Off John Brice Road, Blair

048-00-00-007-000       5216 State Hwy 215 North, Blair

065-00-00-002-000       Tract D Off State Hwy 215 North, Blair

065-00-00-041-000       State Hwy 215 North, Blair

065-00-00-075-000       State Hwy 215 North, Blair

066-00-00-035-000       44 Blue Rock Lane, Blair

071-04-01-002-000       915 Toatley Road, Winnsboro

071-04-01-007-000       Toatley Road, Winnsboro

071-04-02-012-000       Toatley Road, Winnsboro

081-00-00-014-000       Off 99 Road, Blair

090-01-02-013-000       Off Smallstown Road, Winnsboro

098-00-00-010-000       Old Blair Road, Blair

099-00-00-017-000       17867 Newberry Road, Blair

099-00-00-037-000       Strother Road, Blair

099-00-00-061-000       212 Strother Road, Blair

099-00-00-062-000       Lot B Strother Road, Blair

107-03-02-004-000       1120 Newberry Road, Winnsboro

107-03-07-001-000       Old Chester Road, Winnsboro

118-04-02-008-000       3645 Pearson Road, Blair

120-00-05-012-000       Twisted Lane, Blair

126-01-44-006-000       124 South Zion Street, Winnsboro

126-01-47-012-000       Moultrie Street, Winnsboro

126-02-12-002-000       Off Zion Street, Winnsboro

126-02-12-007-000       Cemetery Street, Winnsboro

126-03-08-014-000       419 South Garden Street, Winnsboro

142-00-00-028-000       222 Comet Drive, Winnsboro

144-04-03-006-000       Wheat Road, Winnsboro

145-02-05-013-000       608 Golf Course Road, Winnsboro

145-02-11-013-000       Doty Road, Winnsboro

146-01-03-006-000       2170 Old Camden Road, Winnsboro

146-01-03-027-000       Old Camden Road, Winnsboro

150-00-00-006-000       Blazing Star Circle, Ridgeway

150-00-00-030-000       Off Old 21, Ridgeway

151-00-00-033-000       Off Longtown Road, Ridgeway

151-00-00-080-000       Off Branch Lane, Ridgeway

159-00-00-037-000       Off Candy Cane Lane, Jenkinsville

161-00-04-009-000       Reservoir Road, Winnsboro

162-00-04-025-000       Off Rion Road, Winnsboro

162-00-04-029-000       Rion Road, Winnsboro

163-03-00-026-000       110 Stoney Circle, Winnsboro

172-00-00-056-000       Blink Bonnie Road, Ridgeway

184-00-00-114-000       Off Hwy 34, Ridgeway

185-04-02-001-000       Ridgehill Road, Ridgeway

186-01-12-012-000       Hwy 34, Ridgeway

186-02-04-041-000       Lot D Off Long Leaf Road, Ridgeway

189-00-03-023-000       Off Wood Duck Road, Ridgeway

196-00-02-020-000       107 Family Lane, Winnsboro

200-00-00-049-000       Syrup Mill Road, Ridgeway

203-00-02-066-000       Off Macedonia Church Road, Ridgeway

203-00-02-069-000       Off Macedonia Church Road, Ridgeway

210-00-01-006-000       Off Fish Hook Road, Jenkinsville

211-00-01-037-000       Off Hwy 215 South, Winnsboro

223-00-01-009-000       Off Hwy 215 South, Winnsboro

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