Letter: Fairfield Needs Penny Tax

YES, we should WANT the Penny Tax

I believe we are past arguing against the economic and social reasons for improving Fairfield’s over- burdened and antiquated sewer system.

Short term band aids are not going to fix our current system.

We need – and should want – the lasting positive impact of the new wastewater treatment plant proposed by Council.

Smart funding is the lynchpin to effectively implementing a pro-growth/pro-people Capital Project Sales Tax (CPST).

To that end, Fairfield County is not only planning to leverage the Penny Tax CPST to fund a big-ticket item that will bring about growth, but it is also using it to gain access to potentially tens of millions of dollars from the State.

If this CPST is successful and it facilitates accessing funds from the State, this could very well be one of the most impactful CPSTs anywhere in the state.

Another positive of the Penny Sales Tax/CPST is its inherent advantages over raising property taxes:

  • Property taxes are regressive and put an exponential burden on renters.
  • Unlike sales taxes, property taxes do not access funding from those outside the county.
  • Unlike sales taxes, property taxes did not provide a broad swath of life saving tax exemptions.
  • Higher property taxes can lower home resale values.
  • Higher property taxes are more likely to be an obstacle to those who would invest in Fairfield (e.g. residential and commercial property).

Vote YES to invest in the Penny Tax/CPST for growth, jobs and improved living conditions for all of Fairfield.

Randy Bright


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