Letter: Vote For America

I know that many people keep their political views to themselves and just go and vote, but, due to my experience, I think I have the duty to share my opinion.

I risked my life and escaped from a socialist dictatorial regime because of political reasons. I had to wait two years for the US Government to vet me and grant me political asylum and only after that I was allowed to enter in this country.

I’m a legal immigrant and a proud US citizen! I began my life here with my wife, two beautiful children, two suitcases and God. Through our hard work and integration into the American society, we accomplished the American Dream.

I want you to know that I’m one of the millions in the “basket of deplorable” because:

  • I’m against all politicians who don’t represent us, the people, and they fight for their own interest (Establishment from both sides)
  • I don’t like the one-sided media – I saw this style only in communist countries
  • I don’t want U.S. to become Europe
  • I want that Americans and America be first on our government agenda
  • No more wars and foreign aids – it’s time to use that money here, for our own people (it looks very stupid when you borrow money to give and support others)
  • I’m against single payer healthcare (Obamacare) – it didn’t work even in communist countries
  • I’m against open borders; if somebody wants to come in this country, they should respect our laws and come through the front door, like me.
  • I don’t like the political correctness – it will destroy this country! We have to say and do what’s right, not what people want to hear

In socialist dictatorial regime the government used to divide people to control them and lead easier. I have the feeling the same thing happens here with the big race issue. Just think for one second, who has advantage here? – it is the government – they divide us and do whatever they want with us. We should be one country, one president, one flag, one border and one language. Regarding race, we should be color blind and only Americans.

PS: I actually escaped twice: once from Europe and once from California. I’m very happy here in South Carolina.

Please believe me, you don’t want to experience socialist dictatorial regime…

God Bless You and God Bless America!

Tibi Czentye

Lake Wateree

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