Robinson re-elected; Greene and Roseborough unseat Douglas and Goins

Penny Tax Voted Down

WINNSBORO – Fairfield County voters changed the balance of power of the county government Tuesday night, turning out two of three county council incumbents.

With a razor thin margin of 6 votes, challenger Shirley Greene, with 956 votes, defeated District 2 County Councilman Jimmy Ray Douglas with 950 votes in a contentious race in which Greene made unsubstantiated claims about her fundraising and called the county government mismanaged. Douglas countered that Greene’s claims were not true.

Director of Fairfield County Voter Registration Debby Stidham said the less than one percent difference in the two vote totals will trigger an automatic recount which will be conducted on Friday. There are also 30 provisional votes that will be looked at by the county’s election commission on Friday as well.

In County Council District 4, former county employee Tim Roseborough defeated District 4 Councilwoman Bertha Goins with 796 votes to Goins’ 539. Cynthia Parnell-Rivers received 401 votes, and there were 19 write-in votes.

County Council Chairman Neil Robinson easily defeated challenger Bob Prather in a landslide vote of 836 to 297). There were 89 write-in votes.

Penny Tax Fails

The capital project sales tax referendum that was placed on the ballot by county council to help fund a proposed wastewater treatment plant was rejected by voters by 420 votes, with 4,758 voting against the penny tax and 4,438 voting for it.

“Though last night’s results on the Penny Sales Tax Referendum did not go the way I expected, I plan to continue pushing forward on opportunities that will provide growth in Fairfield County for years to come,” said Robinson. In order to achieve our true potential, we are still in need of waste water expansion. It is vital piece that will lead to substantial residential, industrial and commercial growth in Fairfield County. It has been an issue for the last 10+ years, and one I plan on resolving.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve another term and want to thank current council members for all the work they have done to strengthen our county over the last four years. I also welcome our new members and look forward to working with them.”

In other races, Senator Mike Fanning (D), with 7,550 votes defeated challenger Erin Mosley (R) with 4,472 votes.

Annie McDaniel (D) retained her seat in State House District 41 with 7,458 votes to challenger Jennifer Brecheisen’s (R) 4,566 votes. Eleven write-in votes were cast.

School Board trustee Incumbent Joe Seibles fended off challenger Carrie Suber-O’Neal in a 1,112 to 600 vote race. There were five write-ins votes.

Two-term school board trustee incumbent representing District 2, Paula Hartman, was defeated by challenger Rene Green in a final count of 1,045 to 716. There were 8 write-in votes.

Fairfield County Sheriff Will Montgomery (D), with 9,830 votes, defeated Ed Eddie Jenkins (PET) with 1,854 votes. There were 42 write-in votes.

Fairfield Clerk of Court Judy Bonds (D), unchallenged, took 10,905 votes over 114 write-in votes.

Fairfield County Coroner Chris Hill (D) was unchallenged and received 10,891 votes. There were 101 write-in votes.

According to voter registrations officials, there was an unprecedented 70+ percent voter turnout for all county races.

The results are preliminary, Stidham said, until certified on Friday at 10 a.m. in the Voter Registration office.

County Council District 2

  • Shirley Greene                                956 (49.95%)
  • Jimmy Ray Douglas                         950 (49.63%)
  • Write-ins                       8  (.42%)

County Council District 4

  • Tim Roseborough                                   796 (45.36%)
  • Bertha Goins   539 (30.71%)
  • Cynthia Parnell-Rivers                           401 (22.85%)
  • Write-ins                19 (1.08%)

County Council District 6

  • Neil Robinson   836 (68.41%)
  • Bob Prather        297 (24.30%)
  • Write-ins               89 (7.28%)

School Board District 2

  • Rene Green       1,045 (59.07%)
  • Paula Hartman                  716 (40.47%)
  • Write-ins                       8 (.45%)

School Board District 4

  • Joe Seibles                    1,112 (64.76%)
  • Carrie Suber-O’Neal         600 (34.94%)

School Board District 6

  • James Harris, Jr.         1,042     (98.30%)
  • Write-ins                               18     (1.70%)

State Senate District 17

  • Mike Fanning                   7,560 (62.73%)
  • Erin Mosley                        4,472 (37.16%)
  • Write-ins                                   14 (6.12%)

State House District 41

  • Annie McDaniel                7,458 (61.90%)
  • Jennifer Brecheisen        4,566 (37.90%)
  • Write-ins                                 25     (.21%)


  • Will Montgomery             9,830 (98.97%)
  • Ed Eddie Jenkins               1,854 (15.81%)
  • Write-ins                                    42 (.36%)

Clerk of Court

  • Judy Bonds                     10,905 (98.97%)
  • Write-ins                             114 (1.03%)


  • Chris Hill                               10,891 (99.08%)
  • Write-ins                                    101 (.92%)

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