Franklin issues strategic plan suggestions

BLYTHEWOOD – In an effort to initiate a strategic plan for the Town, Mayor Bryan Franklin said he plans to pull together available folks together in January, prior to town council’s monthly meeting on Jan. 25, to develop and publish a town mission, vision and values.

Franklin said he wants to develop near-term, short-term and long-term (two to three year) objectives to reach a vision for the town. He then plans to assign lead agents (town councilmen, planning commissioners, town employees, non-profit organizations, etc) to each objective based on individual strengths and skills.

“Please use this to drive your own ideas,” Franklin wrote in an email to town stakeholders, “so when we sit down during our strategic planning session sometime in January, we can have a holistic approach to separating large initiatives (i.e.: traffic improvement planning, rezoning critical areas, sports complex development and annexation) from smaller projects (recognition programs, cosmetic improvements, festival planning, etc),” Franklin wrote. Many of the topics were brought up by councilmen previously. “The key would then be to make them time-bound and get them scheduled so we all focus on accomplishment, and the staff sees the direction we are heading (and not have to react to competing priorities).”

“Once we list all our initiatives/ideas as a board, we can begin to schedule them for completion,” Franklin said in his email.

He asked for those who received his suggestions to reply with their own suggestions.

“My intent is to get all this on a calendar and track quarterly accomplishments as a team, holding ourselves and our employees accountable,” Franklin wrote in his email.

“As we gradually exit the days of COVID, we need to be focused on a clear and well-communicated plan. I do not want to overwhelm the staff, but if we schedule these out appropriately, all will be pulling the wagon on the same rope in the same direction.

“I’m looking forward to us designing a two or three-year plan to get there,” Franklin said. “I hope the stakeholders will continue to think strategically and in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,” he said.

Strategic Plan Suggestions

  • Penny sales tax for town of Blythewood
  • IGAs for police and fire
  • TROS zoning for open areas & town green space
  • LI2 modification for Richland County plans
  • SCDOT plans and project dates/status & monitoring
  • Monthly ethics observances
  • Festival/event layout – one big one per month (SEE my updated Mayor’s Welcome Letter on the Town Website for a list)
  • Provide dinner (subs, pizza, small spreads) for the Planning/Zoning/Architectural Review Commissioners when they hold their meetings.
  • Status of board member-required training (including TC) and plan to complete it
  • Veterans’ Monument with service flags in a plaza
  • Comprehensive/Master plan rewrite progress
  • Codified product of all ordinances for gradual review
  • Pictures posted in Town Hall and Manor – include PC, BAR, BZA
  • Website Update and regular maintenance
  • Key to the Town Program/Policy / ‘Blythewood Brigadiers’ Recognition Program
  • State of the Town Annual Address 
  • Upcoming Census report and what that means to our area
  • Richland County Plans for Industrial park and proposed timeline
  • Economic development effectiveness / joint town/county approach
  • Better engagement with governor, state reps, congressmen and new county councilmen – scheduled on calendar (regular legislative liaison activities)
  • Hiring a Visitors’ Bureau Manager/Admin Assistant (part time maybe) to work with me and Ms. Kelley and man the BWVB in the back office of the Hoffman House while executing other admin duties – would be open to the public Monday – Saturday, if possible.
  • Create a better contract for the Manor and/or amphitheater rental process to make both more successful.
  • Add one big item/piece of equipment to the Doko playground every year.
  • Take over operational control of the RC Blythewood Youth Softball Baseball Park and modernize it
  • Purchase adjoining property to that park
  • Wilson 91-acre tract purchase plan/sports complex
  • Christmas Party for all employees and board members (with BAR, PC and BZA, etc.) to recognize the hard work of our employees along with team building events like spring Fireflies baseball games.
  • Annual performance review system for employees (and annual feedback for the council – a board without feedback/improvement is doomed to fail).town council and other boards internal evaluation discussion

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